Folk Prints

Folk Prints
4123 Creekridge Lane
Missauri city TX
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Company Description:

In ancient times, the fabric was printed manually by applying different techniques and coloured with organic vegetable dye. Such printing techniques slowly vanished as machines took over the fabric printing process. However, there are communities of inherited skilled artisans still practicing those hand printing techniques in the remote villages of India. We support these artisan community to expose their artwork to Western countries and keep these ancient art forms alive

We specialize in hand-loomed and handprinted fabric products that are made through wood block printing, Batik printing, Ajrakh printing, silk screen printing, Dabu printing, and tie-dye, Ikat weaving, and Kalamkari hand painting.

We sell bed covers printed manually by using several printing and dying techniques. Wood block printing, Batik printing, Dabu printing, Ajrakh printing, etc.

New Products

Introducing bed covers printed with resistance printing technique and dyed with Indigo Blue which is an organic vegetable dye.

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